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Monday, 13 January 2014


Richard Peters

Dear saikungexpat,

Good luck with cellphone reception – part of the 'charm' of living out in the park is that you can be out of touch until you reach Pak Tam Chung. Otherwise, invest in a mainland Chinese phone card.

I don't live in Hong Kong any more and am glad I am not directly witnessing the continued destruction. Please spread the word and perhaps something can be done to halt the greedy assault on what's left of Hong Kong's heritage.


Hi Richard, I am assuming thats your name. I was trying to find data about radio towers in Sai Kung park to deal with an issue I have regarding poor cellphone reception. anyway I am very shortly to be relocating to the area and if perchance you are still around would love to meet up I share similar sentiments to you about the lack of care of old buildings and interest in wildlife

just one thing it seems you were in Olomouc? however your most recent posting suggest you are back in Hong Kong?

anyway let me know if you have time

will set my settings to accept emails

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