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Sunday, 04 September 2011


Hiking Hong Kong

Hi Richard, firstly thanks for the link to the spiders section of my website, Hiking Hong Kong.

I actually found your site because I recently ran into a wild boar and it terrified me half to death. They can get big! This one started charging at me and my instinct kicked in as you mentioned it would though instead of climbing up a tree, I roared back at it as it loudly snorted/roared at me and luckily for me it got a shock, turned around, and ran the other way.

The only other time I've been as scared on a hiking trail was when an 8 meter Burmese python almost fell on my head as it slithered off a rock. Oh, and an encounter with a Chinese Cobra.

As for other dangerous creatures in Hong Kong, especially around the city center, I would add cockroaches to the list. Dangerous because I am so creeped out by them!

Richard Peters


You will only really find the spiders I wrote about only in the wooded areas of HK. Depending on where you live, you would most probably only come across them on walks if you're lucky.

In HK most people live in apartments and you are only likely to see Huntsman spiders inside if they are enjoying prey such as cockroaches – that would be a bigger problem because of hygeine issues: keep they house clean and you are unlikely to see either.

Having said that, when winter temperatures begin all sorts of poor beasts look for comfort wherever they can and if they are unlucky enough to seek lodging with humans then they are usually squished out of existance. Much better to let them out of a window.


Hey, I really like your page but I have a question I am just about to move to Hong Kong are these house spiders in the city center too ? Thanks Alex

Jeff Dawes

Very nice page you have here. Al ot of good information and insight to Hong Kong wildlife.

Richard Peters

Of course, I've left some very important animals out -hornets and wasps (a Yellow Paper Wasp sting felt like a red hot knife boring through my skin). Scary when you happen upon them or they're chasing you...

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