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Saturday, 04 June 2011


Richard Peters

You're absolutely right, not all people on waiting lists are 'transplant tourists' –I was simply astonished that someone in China would want to lose a kidney for the sake of an iPad.

The rest of the blog was a short review about how some evaluate the cost of a kidney. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world when poverty is included in that evaluation, then it can turn into a nasty business indeed.

I really hope you are successful in your search.

Kidney cakes..?

Jennifer Shahi

It is very hard to judge until you have been in the position of a person in need of an organ transplant and please don't lump all people on waiting lists into the same category as 'transplant tourists'.

Having said that, you might be surprised at just how many people who are waiting transplants abhor the very idea of buying one, myself being in the last category. It is a despicable act. I found you blog looking for images of kidneys for a cake :)

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