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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Tom Sheepandgoats Harley

Ah...that site. I grant you, it does look authentic. But it's a private site that scours the net for JW references pro and con, and republishes them. Often my own posts find their way there......not with my permission, yet as it turns out, I don't mind.

The site takes forever to load, and, as stated, Webroot flags it, which is usually all it takes for me to give up.

The post is entitled "List of euphemisms not to be used." I was not able to access any actual list. Can you? At any rate, it's not a blanket prohibition against euphemisms. Most likely, it's a collection of observations made over the years as to the origin of this or that euphemism, and the encouragement for Christians to avoid such terms. For example, "jeez." If a person wouldn't say "Jesus" in vain, then they really might not want to say "jeez," since it is the same.

It was never any huge deal. (though there are always nitpickers who can make anything a huge deal) And it's been decades since I've read anything on the subject, if ever. But it is stuff that onew can pick up in the grapevine.

Richard Peters

Thank you for your comment. I try to ensure all links are active. The page is a legit JW archive http://www.jw-archive.org/2011/03/rule-book-euphemisms.html and categorised as The Rule Book: Euphemisms.

The beginning of this rather lengthy string of comments begins, "List of euphemisms not to be used ever under any circumstances: (a sister reminded me that some are flagrantly breaking this serious rule)"

tom sheepandgoats

"Jehovah's Witnesses, God bless 'em, are specifically instructed not to use euphemisms"

They are? (Gulp) I've never heard that, and I use as many as I can.

Alas, Webroot (virus checker) blocked access to your link on that subject. What does it say?

It's true, Witness publications do not abound in euphemisms, but I think it's because they do not translate well. Watchtower is translated in 200 languages or so, far more than anything esle. They do use abundant illustrations, which do translate.

But I've long maintained that those who read 'trinity' into the Bible do so because they take metaphors literally, whereas in any other context they would be instantly recognized for what they are.

A cute piece, overall. Putting a religious slant on it, which perhaps you did not intend. But that Witness statement caught my attention.

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