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Saturday, June 07, 2014


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David Wake

I read it!

I thought it was pretty good.

You might want to try a poetry forum that gives honest feedback - it comes better from strangers, but you need to have a thick skin at times - http://www.pigpenpoetry.com is not the most brutal - but you will get feedback if you are prepared to reciprocate...


Richard Peters

Thanks for your comment, Dave. Willdo.


Hi Richard. I've only just come across your blog. I love this. I'm a writer too. It feels like your putting a lot into this poem. If anything I think this is perhaps the most touching work I have read so far. Love it.

Richard Peters

Thank you, Xana.

Much appreciated.

Do you publish and do you have a link?


I've started to be brave! Czeck my google+. I use the google blogger.


I love this Richard... from the rose petalled cheek.

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