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Sunday, January 12, 2014


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Nicola Newbery

The sad thing is that many Green and Environmental Groups,members of the Save Our Country Parks Alliance, who do care are beating their heads against a brick wall. The Government, which apparently couldn't care less, turns a deaf ear. What will be left of Sai Kung Country Park once the Govt has finished approving plans to develop and destroy it? We are losing our Cultural Heritage and our Biodiversity Hotspots.

Please check out the web sites and Facebook pages of Save Our Country Parks, Friends of Sai Kung, and Friends of Hoi Ha and please help them - by signing their petitions, going on their protest walks, submitting letters to the editors of HK newspapers, and writing letters to Government Departments as and when requested by the Alliance Group members.

Nicola, Chair, Friends of Hoi Ha

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