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Saturday, October 12, 2013


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Tom Wood

Good post Richard - I decided many years ago that the journey was important (my Dad died aged thirty nine so I was always in a rush presuming I also would not have long) and I think for nearly all creative types it's all journey as so few are really materially rewarded apart from a miniscule number of stars, which of course are the ones we hear about. The only trouble is that I see my contemporaries who took the jobs now retiring on handsome pensions and re-inventing themselves as artists and worst of all they are rich artists able to afford the things I can't like red hot web designers to promote them, time in London/ New York/ Paris to schmooze the galleries, smart studios etc. Worst of all they are selling their work 'for a little extra income, for treats', whereas I have to sell work to survive, I'm not bitter you understand. I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision, the heart says yes but the head is not really sure. Anyway just a thought.

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